Shipping, declaring goods, prices and VAT


We have very low shipping rates, because we send many packages.

If you want to know your shipping rate, please fill your cart with delicious Danish goodies and go to your cart. Go down on the page, until you see Shipping rates:

When you have filled in your country and zip code the system will calculate your shipping rate. It is being calculated by the gross weight / volume on each product.

If you want to read more about "how to" with shipping. Go to the Shipping page.


If you regret your purchase, you will pay for the shipping back to Denmark. This applies if the package has been shipped / left the warehouse.

We don't refund food / candy products.

Declaring the goods

You are as the buyer responsible for declaring the goods at your country's custom authorities. We will help you, if you need it. Just contact us on and we will help you with the declarations and information they want.

If they for some reason don’t allow the products into your country, it’s your own responsibility. We don’t refund you the money for the order.

Some countries don’t allow food product to be imported. So, if you only buy candy products, like winegum and liquorice there shouldn’t be any issues. BUT, of cause we can’t promise you anything, some custom authorities have often new rules to follow!

Contact us if you have any questions - we are ready to help you and have a few years of experience on this topic...

Read more about meat and alcohol products here

It is your own responsibility to pay import fee, duty etc. and have all communication with Customs and the shipping agents in your country - read more here

Prices and VAT

You will always find discounts, buy-in-bulk offers etc. in our webshop. If you receive our newsletter and follow us on Facebook, you will get one-time-offer-discounts to use in the webshop.

We are a Danish company located in Denmark, which means that we pay 25 % in VAT to the Danish government.

All products are ex. the Danish VAT. If you live outside the EU, you don't pay the Danish VAT.

But if you buy as a private customer and live in one of the EU countries, the law requires you to pay the 25 % as well and it will be added at checkout. If you are buying as a firm in the EU - contact us and we make you an invoice without the Danish VAT. It is required that you pay the local VAT in your own country.

When you choose your country at checkout, the system will know if you live in the EU and will add the VAT. If you live outside the EU.



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