It is your own responsibility to pay import fee, duty etc.

If you choose to send your package with UPS, we will send an invoice with the order. UPS will check the invoice and will probably contact you and ask you to pay some kinds of fee, duty etc. It's different from country to country. This is you own responsibility to pay.

If your package gets hold up in Customs, we will help you with the documents they want that are relevant to your order. It would typacally be a manufacture declaration.

It's your own responsibility to have contact with Custom and the shipping agent in your country.

We will help from here, but will only be in contact with the Danish side of it. It's always easier for you to talk to your Customs and shipping agents as you are in the same timezone, know their way of doing things etc. We are more than happy to help, but sometimes we can't do anything from here (Denmark).

Read more about products containing meat and alcohol here.



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