Use before or Best before date

Food products must be labeled with either "last use date" or "best before". There is a difference between the two date tags!

"Last use date" means that you can become seriously ill from eating the item if the date is exceeded.

"Best before", on the other hand, is only an indicative date marking, and if the item smells and tastes fine, it can easily be eaten.

Please note that the date of both "last use" and "best before" is valid as long as the food is unopened and properly stored. After opening, the shelf life of the food changes and then depends on the method of storage.

"At least durable" and "best before"

Many consumers misunderstand "At least durable", therefore this is changed to "best before".

For this reason, the retail trade has during a transitional period been allowed to use both "least durable" and "best before" on foods. The latter will eventually replace "least durable". Because these goods can often last very long, the consumer will therefore be able to meet both concepts in the stores several years ahead.

This text is translated from The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration. Read more about it here (in Danish)

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