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October 27, 2023

More products in the shop ….

We will get more and more products every month – thank you all for letting us know what you are missing! Please send us an email on or write to us on Facebook, if there is anything you are missing 🙂 New products

One of my next tasks will be to get refrigerated products like herring / sild (karrysild), cheese / ost (ost med kommen), rullepølse, red sausages / røde pølser, 3-stjernet salami, rejeost etc. in stock. The issue is that it needs to be send in a cool box, so it won’t get warmer than 5 degrees.

Some of the next products in stock will be blomme i Madeira, asier, …..

For Christmas we have a lot of delicious Danish Christmas products – all the Danish Christmas candy and also marzipan and nougat in big blocks, pebernødder, brunkager, klejner, vaniljekranse, kirsebærsauce for your ris’a’la’mande and A LOT of other Danish-Christmas-stuff.

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