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October 27, 2023

Chocolate products don’t like warm weather….

When the weather gets warm, chocolate products gets very fragile. And that can be a challenge when the packages are on the way to you all over the world…

If you live in a country with high temperature – please consider if you should wait to order chocolate products until it gets colder…

We store all products in the right temperature and pack them safely, so if you choose to buy them, you agree to receive them with the risk of them being broken or melted.

The delicate chocolate products are for example Galle & Jessen Pålægschokolade, Anthon Berg Marcipanbrød, Toms Yankie bar, Toms Guldkarameller, Anthon Berg Choko Lakrids i bøtter, Skumbananer, P-tærter etc.

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